Wednesday, December 30, 2009

remembering mack

Mack was our official family dog. We got Mack when we lived in Washington, and I remember going to pick him up and looking at what his grandfather looked like.... and thinking this is going to be one long hairy hot-dog. Sure enough Mack filled into his big paws, and soon they became much smaller than his body! I remember Christi and I taking the yard stick to his body and from nose tail he was a yard long (that's 3 feet people just in case its been awhile). 
There are so many great memories that I'll remember with him being apart of our family. Even the ones that made me mad... such as: always picking my room to pee in, farting in the van, and of course the freak out when I was the babysitter while Patti and Pop went to Africa...none of these were funny Mack, but they just made me smile remembering them. 
I sat and hugged Biscotti for an hour last night, and thought about what my Pop had told me this past week.
"They are your best friend. They always want to be with you, make you happy, and you just want give them the best life you can. That's all you can do. So, instead of being sad thinking about how many years you'll have with them. Enjoy them."
I'm to miss you Mackster!

Well on Halloween 2005 we celebrated Mack being a dachshund and dressed him up as a hotdog. Mack was so upset and embarrassed that he wouldn't even look at me.

Monday, December 28, 2009

it was merry

We really did have a very Merry Christmas! Aaron and I thought we wouldn't bore you with too many photos, but just a few to make you feel like you were there with us. We miss all you already, especially those that we didn't get to see over Christmas. Can't wait to see what 2010 holds, Aaron says it's going to be the best year of my life. 2010 hasn't happened yet, but I already have 2 things on the calendar that I've always wanted to do...1. NYC (going in January!) and 2. Going to see David Gray in Houston in March (Aaron awesome Christmas present .... its like you know me or something.) Those are 2 great things that I can already anticipate! Hope you enjoy the snap shot of our Christmas!

Very excited about my new coat and scarf! Thanks Patti & Pop!

Mittie and Aaron were excited about his new football.

The whole family on Christmas Day!

I wasn't ready for Nate and Steph to had been 2 years.

Nature Trails...

and Tails... I love this picture!

Beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

i think it's in the spices

On the Today Show they announced the Happiest States to live in. 
First, I'll start with the bottom New York & California. I was very surprised that California was at the bottom, but I didn't create the list! 
The declared Happiest State to live in (no lie) is the state of Louisiana! Can you believe that? I mean, I couldn't, but then when I really think about it I haven't met too many unhappy people here in my 2 1/2 years. Even the ones South of Alexandria, that I don't understand very well, they are pretty darn happy and passionate about their state. The Today Show said, "It's because of the Saints! It has to be!". I'm not a big NFL fan, but I will say those Saints fans are pretty serious. But, I do know this about the NFL this whole undefeated thing that the Saints have going on has not been the norm. So, I think here that is just a bonus. I think the real reason is that they use the spices. It's that: Tony's, Bon Caca, Slap Ya Mama, Zatarain's, Bootsie's, The Cajun Shake, Cajun Swamp Dust, or even Chef Paul, Prudhomme's spices that gives these people that extra kick. Listen, I'm still learning about this state, but I know they sure like to have a good time... must play a part in being the Happiest State!

PS- Saw Sugarcane for the first time 2 days ago!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i run to eat

This is the first day I can squat and stand up with no worries of how I’m going to make my way up. By Saturday I should be back in the running business! This was an awesome experience, and maybe…maybe I’ll do it again?! As of now I just have New Orleans Half Marathon to look forward to February. Here are some more pictures from the race. My favorites are the ones of us finishing…of course!
So clearly you all know that I enjoy running and cooking! I happened to find this really cool cookbook that is filled with some recipes that made me hungry! Now, the book is not top quality… like, you’re not going to display this guy, but has great recipes. Check it out:

Monday, December 14, 2009

chuck norris can't go 26.2!

So, Rebekah and I did it! Can't believe it, but we did. If you had asked me at mile 22 if I was going to make it I would have said... "no, not sure!" It truly was an amazing experience, and I couldn't have done it without Rebekah! (Reb-Thanks for not panicking when I told you I didn't want to do this anymore at mile 24!) Also, huge thanks to our amazing Cheerleaders/Photographers/Bikers/Runners: Thanks Sarah, Ross, and Aaron! You guys were awesome! We did 26.2 in 4:27...and couldn't do another step!

He's just great...whole Marathon in that hat!

We're getting it! Clearly beginning of the race.

Mile 12

Mile 12

Barefoot Marathon runner...can't be good for your knees!

Mile 19

Mile 25... told Rebekah and Sarah I wanted to quit. They were sweet and didn't let me!

Done!!! 26.2!

Rebekah, Sarah, & I

Needed to eat!

Ross, so glad your helmet was yellow!

Most supportive husband ever!

Only ones dancing where the band was. Great ending! And then we feasted!

Friday, December 11, 2009

pre-race post

This will be my last post before the race. I'm starting to get very excited that it will finally be here. The weather should be perfect, I'm charging up the necessary gadgets, have my outfit ready, and have my Advil set out! Speaking of outfit... I have some very fun shorts that I'll be sporting at the race. Aaron got them for me for my Birthday, he wanted to make sure I showed my school pride in Texas for at least 26.2 miles of it! Not a surprise at all. Here are the "little" guys, so red Aaron shouldn't be able to miss me! However this long sleeve will probably not be used now due to the high being 64* and the low 54*! (Awesome) Wish Rebekah and I lots of luck and prayers! We would love it! 
Want more info about our race...or want to track us? My Bib number is: 5737, in the 25-29 Female Age group.

 (terrible pic, I know)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

t minus 4 days....

So this Sunday…December 13th I will take on “The Rock” in Dallas! All 26.2 miles of it. I would have never guessed that I would run that far. Last year, when I ran the Half-Marathon in New Orleans I thought 13.1 miles is a great stopping point. Now, that sounds like an easy run! Here are some great tips if you ever consider running a Marathon… or I’m just posting this as a reminder to myself of what to do.

• There's nothing you can do in the last week to improve your race time but there are a thousand things you can do that will hurt your time.

• In the last two weeks before your race, don't run more miles in a single day than the number of days remaining before your race.

• Don't worry that no one is running when the cannon goes off. You've got a chip and your time doesn't start until you cross the start mat.

• Don't let your excitement trap you into running too fast for the first few miles.

• Don't double lace your shoes, just tie the knot tightly and tuck in the lace ends.

• Stay off your feet as much as possible the day before the race.

• Don't run in new shoes.

• Drink water throughout the day before the race.

• Secure your race number and chip the night before the race.

• Get one hour extra of sleep each night the week before the race.

• You won't sleep well the night before the race. Don't worry, it's ok.

• Take warm clothes for the start (throw aways) and the finish.

• If your race is in a different time zone, remember that your morning routine will still be on Central time.

• Being nervous at the start is normal. Everyone around you is nervous even though they may not show it.

• Take toilet paper with you to the start.

• Pack the bag you're taking to the start the night before.

• Get to the start early. Sit down or lie down and rest.

• Avoid stepping in puddles.

• Wear in the race what you wore in your long runs.

• Set two alarm clocks.

• Fill in emergency information on the back of your bib.

• Clip your toenails.

• Take a large garbage bag to wear at the start if cold or wet.

• Don't get a massage in the five days before your race.

• Sip, don't gulp, water on the course.

• Take one gu (or whatever you're use to) just before the race and one each hour during the race.

• Only drink water with your gu (or whatever), not a sports drink.

• Don't eat red meat for several days prior to the race.

• Don't lace your shoes too tightly, your feet will swell during the race.

• Eat carbs on race morning, not fats.

• Don't eat spicy foods the day before the race.

• Drink 2 to 4 ounces of water every 20 minutes.

• If there's a head wind, draft behind someone running your pace.

• Run the tangents on turns but stay away from the very inside of turns because they tend to be too crowded.

• Everybody hurts after 20 miles; it's not just you.

• Take a bottle of water with you to the start.

• Don't wear earphones, listen to the crowd cheer for you.

• It's ok to cry at the finish.

• If your first name isn't displayed prominently on your bib, write in on duct tape and wear it on the front of your shirt. The crowd will know to call your name when they cheer you on.

• If it's humid, accept the fact that your time will be slower.

• Don't forget to savor the moment. You're doing something you'll remember the rest of your life

Monday, December 7, 2009

so, i'm not getting a cupcake car

Sometimes, I think we forget what Christmas is really all about. It is truly about celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus. Now I love all of the modern Christmas traditions, do not get me wrong, but this year I hope that I can really remember and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.
I think somebody might have to tell Neiman’s about this! I’m sure most of you have heard about the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. They usually make a huge unveiling about it in the press and at their store. It is filled with everything from scarves to a $105,000 Jag. What more could you ask for?
Here is one that is very fitting for my lifestyle, and I’m pretty sure it will be in driveway on December 25th.

A $250,000 His & Hers Gift Package: A private jet, don’t worry it can land on water too.
Or maybe a$25,000 Customized Cupcake Car, its green friendly because it’s battery operated!
No I need something faster, $73,000 World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle, it goes up to 150 mph… somebody tell me where that is legal?!
Or for $75 I can get a pair of Plaid Stockings.
I don’t believe this Christmas I’ll be making a purchase from the 2009 Neiman’s Christmas Book, but maybe I just helped you figure out what to add to your list. Plaid stockings?! Do these things really matter… no, but it makes me laugh!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

a snap shot of the holidays

It’s been a little while since my last post. Since then, I had a quarter life crisis, lots of Thanksgiving, great family time, and have decked the halls! Just thought I would make a quick post of some of my favorite faces of the holidays! Enjoy! 

Sweet cousin Harrison

Our niece Annelise with Bear

Aaron decking the halls

Cotton Bowl Champs 2010?