Thursday, February 25, 2010

gold medals in nola

We are just a few days away from the Mardi Gras 1/2 & Marathon in NOLA. I’m getting very excited! Ready to visit with friends, shop, eat, and run!! This was my first big race last year and the furthest I had ever run…13.1. Apparently that was my jump start! So, Kristi, Angie, & Rebekah and I are off to do it all over again! Hope to make good time again; at least I’m out of the 18-24 year old bracket! This will be my first Rock & Roll race, so I feel like that with New Orleans we are sure to have a good time! One of the other cool things is that the 2008 Gold Medal Olympian Sammy Wanjiru will be running too! Just to paint a picture he finished the Chicago Marathon ('09) in 2:05...really? His fastest half is 58:33. I can't deal with that; the only medal I'm getting is the finisher's medal. I'll have to let you guys know what he finishes in. Wish us lots of prayer, love, & endurance!
Sammy...I'm pretty sure I'm 2 of him!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

whats for dinner?

Sometimes I need something to make for dinner and I need it quick. Last night I put Rachel Ray to shame. 30 Minute Meals…ha I laugh at you! Give this meal a try, and I promise someone will think you put in hour into it!
I sauté some Asparagus: Sprinkle S&P, EVOO, & a few splashes of Balsamic Vinegar. They are sweet and green; what a plus!
Put on some baked Sweet Potatoes (or if you have an Aaron a twice Baked Potato) as your sides.
Now this was the super easy part that I got from one of my favorite web sites, Cooking Light. (If you don’t like Pork, I’m sorry you won’t be interested in this.)
Here is the easy recipe for a Pork Chop with a Carolina Rub.Toss a salad, and you’re done! Really think it took me 27 minutes! Happy Dinner!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i love snowmen

We were one of the few that got to experience the southern snow. It was wonderful! The weird thing is last weekend we have snow, this weekend I'm wearing shorts. What is this place? Had to share some great pictures and videos from that day. Also, had to pass on the video my Dad sent me of his snow day... very funny!
Biscotti having flashbacks of IL, excuse my pjs.
My Dad sledding in GA!

Friday, February 12, 2010

a dog i love

It is no surprise that I love our first born child... Biscotti! Its crazy to think that it took Aaron 4 months to convince me that we had time for a dog. At first it was going to be sweet black Lab girl named Juniper... and then a beautiful chocolate Lab, Biscotti, became available! Growing up I always wanted a chocolate Lab and so did Aaron; man we must be meant for each other or something! So, Aaron drove, with our dear friend John, from Shreveport, LA to IL...14 hour drive. I kept telling myself if they are going to go buy a dog that far away she better be amazing! Well, she is pretty amazing! I could probably go on and on about how great she is, but I won't. She turns 5 this April and still is very puppy like. Meet our sweet girl Biscotti.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

things i love

Unfortunately I thought of several things I love! So, I made myself think in categories and then I limited myself, and that seemed to really help. These are in no particular order!
  1. This Garmin was my best buddy while training, and now it is always connected to me when I run. I love being able to view the map of my run on my computer afterwards!
  2. Another friend of mine, which I swear makes a massive improvement in baking, is this Kitchen Aid mixer. The speed and consistency incorporates more air in your batter or dough. Which is a good thing! Love this thing!
  3. Fall & Spring. I love them for the obvious reason. It means amazing running weather, football, BBQ's, outdoors, beauty, transistion to new, windows get the picture.
  4. Aaron will laugh when he sees this. I love this robe. I got it majorly on sale at the Gap in Janurary. If I had seen it full price months ago I would have had to have it then too. It's stretchy, light, and purely fabulous. Mine is, of course, blue stripped!
  5. Real Simple Magazine (no explanation needed)
  6. Pictures. I treasure them and love them. Good thing you don't have to use photo boxes to keep you negatives in them anymore!
  7. Cardigans! Love them. Optional sleeves...great idea. Like this one...loves it!
  8. I use this a lot so I figured my OXO Salad Spinner deserved a spot light!
  9. Red Currant Candles. Have you smelled one?This one is waiting on me to light it right now. This is really my favorite brand (if I can be a snob about brands), smell lasts, no black residue, flame doesn't get to tall, even burn...and just great!
  10. Coffee shops. I don't know why, but I love everything about just sitting in a coffee shop. I don't care if it's Summer...I like it! Did I mention I don't drink coffee?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

people i love

In honor of Valentine's Day around the corner I decided to do a little things/people/food I love post. First I figured I would start with people. This was a pretty easy one. Meet this guy I know, Aaron Lott. He is pretty fabulous!
This was our first picture ever... we both look so different now!
And we begin to date...
And we laugh together... a lot
So...we did it! We tied the knot!
And started doing things we love together!
And he continues to do the things he loves too!
And here we are now! Love him so very much. Next time I'll have to share some things I heart.

Monday, February 8, 2010

3rd room needs tlc

I'm in some need of help! Aaron and I have finally decided to make the office a bedroom! It was a bedroom to begin with, but we made it into an office/music room. Well in a matter of weeks we will say, "see ya office" and "hello 3rd bedroom"! Aaron has his renovation notebook out, which means; we won't be just painting and throwing a bed in there. Everything he has told me that he wants to do sounds awesome, so I'm excited to see it all unfold. We picked out a daybed, now if I would just order it that would be good! Where I need your help is the bedding. I don't want to spend too much, because we probably won't keep it forever. So here they are & let me know which one you like!
Aaron thinks this is too busy, but if I mix solids with it?
I really like this one, Target!
Ok, I love this one! Aaron not such a fan. I was just thinking this would be great...I'll say it when we have kids. It just makes me laugh!
OK, I mean I love this one! It cost the most, but it sure is fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I saw a (large) sign in someone’s yard while I was running that said, “people who steal newspapers are lowlifers”! I couldn’t help it, but I started to laugh out loud. I guess there are people out there that really do this. And better yet, someone makes signs about this?! I guess I need to start a side business, and start making these signs.
And then to really make the day a bit more interesting; an elderly woman that lives in our neighborhood was walking a around with a super soaker. There were no grandchildren around.
Welcome February and 6 more weeks of winter! I guess my super soaker won't come out till the end of Winter.