Wednesday, September 29, 2010

oh my

Oh my. I'm so behind! Fall is an amazing and a busy time of year. Football has started, eating meals outside, wearing jeans, throw on a scarf, leaves are changing, and sip on something hot... it's fall! We have been keeping busy working on the house while doing the day to day life things.
Last week was a little hard and great all wrapped in one. Biscotti had a malignant tumor removed, which of course made us a little sad. It may or may not come back, we are of course praying that it does not return! It made us realize just how big of a part of our family that she really is. I told Aaron that I was going to get her a Livestrong bracelet!
On an uplifting note. Work has been just amazing. The Lord is doing some crazy things, and of course just answering prayers that have been heavy on our hearts. I'm so thankful to be apart of this ministry, and just be a witness to Him doing so many great things.
Tonight, I'll be looking forward to a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie with vanilla ice cream on top!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new music

I got an e-mail about this group, Autumn Film from Boulder, CO. I think they are pretty good. The trio is giving away some great free downloads from their website. You should for sure check them out here to download some of their free stuff. Happy Listening!

Monday, September 13, 2010

dr. seuss lives here... really

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. There are many holes to fill with new things I'm learning spiritually- or just having my world rocked in a good way, Ansel Adams gallery, some new recipes, new travels, and new things to look forward to.
I feel like I have been everywhere over these 2 weeks. I've been out of town for work, and then Aaron and I finally took a vacation! Woohoo! It was about time. We went just north of San Diego to a beach called La Jolla. It was pretty much a-maz-ing! I have never been to a place like it. We had a great cottage, ate great food, biked, ran, kayaked, beached it, swam in the 60 degree water, did some local things, & relaxed--I know...surprise...I did it! I just wanted to share a few of our pics hope you can picture yourself there!
500 feet from our cottage
Bike Rides!
I was thinking about how I could totally do this everyday!
Yes, we saw sharks
Seals & Sea Lions were everywhere. They were pretty awesome!
Harbor... ate fresh fish off the dock... it was delish!
There was no excuse to not have fresh flowers.
Only in CA does your Poodle hang out through your Lexus' roof.