Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As the months have rolled in for the spring semester I have finally realized I need to throw my agenda/timeline out the window and actually trust in God’s timing. For many believers you are told that often, but I think I have (humbly) gotten to a place where I believe that there is great truth in that. When I reflect on all of the answered prayers with the advancement of Urban YL in our city, all I’m left with is the thought and overwhelming feeling of how perfect His timing has been.

Here are some of the things we have prayed as an area:
“Lord, please open doors of acceptance in this community.”
“Father, give us men to be on our Task Force (Committee).”
“Have the school want us there.”
“Give us a purpose and a right to be there.”
“Jesus, I pray that these people would want to know us, as much as we want to know them.”
“Lord, I pray that these people would not see us and our skin, but that they would see YOU.”
Our God is so great. Those are just some of the prayers that we have prayed, and He has answered every one of them. 

When I look at the big picture of what we are doing in this community I’m reminded of this verse:
“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” –Mark 10:45, NLT. Our team was brought there to be servants and share the Gospel. I consider each of our team members and Task Force members as servants. I’m currently resting in His timeline and where He has called us, and thankful that we have the name as His servants.

“ser-vant” /ˈsɚvənt/ noun: 2 : a person who is devoted to or guided by something
– Merriam-Websters Dictionary


Monday, March 26, 2012

nugget update

It may not look like much is going on, but we can assure you that nugget is on the move. I felt the first signs of movement last week, and then we had the great opportunity to get a surprise ultrasound! Thanks to one of the ladies on our committee with YL, she set us up with a special ultrasound. This was really our first chance to really see the baby look like a baby and move around. Aaron and I couldn't stop laughing at it. Nugget was just kicked back scratching its head, crossed legged, shaking the crossed legged foot, and moving its arms around every now and then. It was pretty amazing to see all of that going on, and you don't even know it. We are so overwhelmed at what the Lord is creating, and that one day we get to actually meet him/her. It's a little bit of an overwhelming and humbling thought. We are now just a little over 16 weeks and we're just thrilled to (hopefully) get to find out next month if nugget is a he or she!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

there is good reason this is called: crack pie

A couple of years ago I went to NYC for the first time. One of my favorite places we ate at was Momfuku- Ssäm Bar. It was seriously amazing; we got the rotisserie duck ssäm. I for sure recommend it especially if you have a group, but you must call ahead. Afterwards, we walked over to the Momfuku-Milk Bar, which this was pre-GF days, I had the best cookie (the Compost Cookie) I’ve ever had in my life. They sold this pie called, the Crack Pie. Apparently this pie was/is very popular, if we only had known we probably would have tried it. Well yesterday I was reminiscing on the desserts and the store, and decided I needed to make the Crack Pie. Even though I wasn’t able to indulge, I at least wanted to make it for others and see what all the hype was truly about. I have no pie left. I made 2. Yesterday. So, here you go the real Crack Pie recipe and the easier modified one (I didn't have Milk Powder). I had the ingredients for the modified one, so I went with that. Apparently both are just as delectable, there is good reason this pie has the name it has. Grab a Spoon! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

full bloom, means picnic

I guess you can say that this has become a tradition at our house. When the azaleas are in full bloom at Norton Art Gallery that means picnic time! We were due for rain this week, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to sit and enjoy a picnic. Sometimes you just have to take dinner out of the kitchen.
 These guys got a slight pollen dusting.
 Some people have sandwiches on picnics… “no, no”, says I.
No other person would I rather picnic it with it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

forecast: sunny with a chance of teal

I’ve also known that I’m kind of an accessories junkie, but today made it official. And you know with a little spring in the air you just can’t help yourself. So, today I share with you some accessories that are making my day extra sunny in this 80 degree weather.
 I mean really? She is my favorite.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

our little nugget

We had an awesome weekend with 4 dogs and 4 adults! Despite the rain, we had a great visit with Patti & Pop, and I'm sure the dogs went home forever grateful that they live on acres of land. I'm so thankful that we were able to have them come to in town.
Our families and friends from a far keep asking for pictures of where we're in this pregnancy, and I finally buckled down and let Aaron snap a few. I've never been good about solo shots so this will be interesting the next few months! We go for our 15 week appointment this Thursday, so next month we get to find out if this little nugget is a he or a she. Until then, I'm working very hard at switching out one of my 2 bowls of cereal a day for eggs. (Sigh)... kind of a struggle for me. Hopefully, taking it for the team is making someone else a very happy camper.

 a little bit bigger than an orange
Kind of looks like I'm pounding the doughnuts... but just making a person!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

run to this beat

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a really long time, but I really just remembered that this morning while I was running. I’ve been teaching spin in the mornings for almost 2 years;  I figured if I’m going to go I might as well get paid! I’ve had many people ask me for my playlist, and ask what music I listen to when I’m training. I must go ahead and warn you, the music I run and spin can be different than what I listen to in my spare time. I guess having dancer background… I like to run to the pace/beats/counts of music. So, get out your iTunes/Spotify and happy playlist making:

-“Shake it Out” Florence + Machine
-“Beautiful People” Chris Brown
-“Boogie Shoes” KC Sunshine Band
-“Fade Into Darkness” Avicii
-“Walking On A Dream” Empire of the Sun
-“Flower” Moby
-“Feelin’ Alright” Joe Crocker
-“Tightrope” Janelle Monae
-“Let it Ride” Bachman-Turner Overdrive
-“Home” Marc Broussard
-"Paradise" Coldplay
-"Will you be my Girl?" Jet
-"Get Me Bodied"  Beyonce'
-"1901"  Phoenix
-"They don't care about us" Michael Jackson
-"Live & Let Die" Paul McCartney
-"Uptight (Everything's Alright)" Stevie Wonder
-"MoneyGrabber" Fitz & The Taantrums
-"369" Cupid
-"Valerie" Amy Winehouse

I try not to use too much that is always on the radio, because you’re bound to get bored of it! Happy trails/training/running/spinning!