Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Time is flying by. This has been a pretty crazy two weeks, but they have been extremely rewarding. I just got back from taking some of our leaders to Young Life's Sharp Top Cove Work Week. We had a very rewarding time serving with friends from Shreveport, Nashville, Lafayette, Fayetteville, & Peachtee City. I'm so thankful that we had to the opportunity to serve side by side with one another. I hope to get more pictures up from our trip, but at least this one can hold you over. 
Meet some of our new friends Eddie, Josh, & Michael. I'm not sure if they, along with the rest of our Capernaum friends, will ever know how great of a gift it was for us to serve along side of them. The love these friends have for Christ was truly powerful and evident to each person in our group. I'm filled with joy as I think of them.
In the midst of busyness God continues to grow this little girl. And every time I leave for a few days and come home, Aaron seems to be amazed. (Ha, me too...because some things are starting to become a challenge! Like the whole picking up something you've dropped thing, way more of a task!)
Hey there... Jewel Mackenzie Lott at 25 weeks

Friday, May 11, 2012

a girl needs a room

Aaron and I are starting to move in the direction of doing nuggets room. It seems a bit overwhelming as I walk by the room and see it all set up as our second guest bedroom, but a change is coming. Aaron is building a bookshelf out of some of our old shutters; we hope to paint that along with the dresser/changing table yellow. I found these cute knobs that I think will go really well with the rest of her room. 

These are the fabrics for her bedding and the glider that will reupholstered. I'm pretty sure I love them all even more in person!

So, I guess it's safe to say that the room will be mostly yellow, white, aqua, and brown. Imagine that no pink (haha)!

I have a feeling Aaron would like this. I don't really feel like I'm southern, but I still think it's funny...
But this one kind makes me laugh, but at the same time maybe my prayer for her...
Only 17 more weeks till me meet her!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"almost heaven"

Last week I was able to take off to St. George's Island, FL with some of my family (Pop, Patti, Christi, and Zwie). It was pretty wonderful! Wonderful might be a slight understatement, it was fantastic. We beached it, ate, visited, watched the dogs go nuts over crabs, and saw about 20 dolphins in one sitting. I wish I had taken more pictures, but luckily Patti did. Our house was perfectly named as "Almost Heaven". Who knows maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to go back. I wish we could have had all of our siblings there, but Christi and I had enough fun for all of them.
Would you want to come here?
There were moments of fear on our golf cart. Most people drove golf carts or bikes around the 22 mile island. It would be the perfect place to do marathon training...
The girl marked 22 weeks while we were there.