Friday, April 27, 2012

elastic waistbands? (sigh)

Confession, I do not think maternity clothes are cute. I have been avoiding them at all cost. I know at some point there is going to have to be a full wardrobe shift, but I really haven't wrapped my head around that quite yet. For example a few days ago I went shopping. I bought a pair of jeans, mint colored cords (please, I had to), and 2 tops. I got them all on sale, and kind of felt like I had to! 
I then, showed them to Aaron, and he's like, "that's great, are they maternity?"
"Ummm, no, but I had to. They basically gave them to me!"
So, maybe the Loft didn't exactly give them to me, but I only paid $19 for all of that... they totally GAVE them to me.
However, I'm now seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I realize I just need to buy clothes online and not depend on Shreveport. So, here is what I have my eye on...

Topshop... I feel like I need to purchase these pronto.
A Pea in the Pod
There is a chance, if I keep going the way I am... I may need this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

thanks herb

There are several reasons why I love a herb garden. This is the third year that Aaron and I have had one. Conveniently it is right outside of the door next to our kitchen, and in some pots in our house. Makes cooking fresh more enjoyable, easier, and of course tastier.

 This is a perfect example of why I love tea in the summer. Thank you mint & stevia plant!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

halfway there

Well we are, hopefully, halfway there... 20 something weeks and counting!

I finally broke down and purchased a pair of maternity pants this weekend. I know I will most likely rarely wear them considering the summer, but at least I know I have pair! This girl is the size of banana and is moving everywhere. I woke up to leave for NOLA on Thursday, and pretty much she/I grew over night. So here we are, hopefully starting to move forward on the nursery. We really haven't done anything, but I think we're finally picking out things. Maybe that will appear in a future post! So stayed tuned...

Friday, April 13, 2012

nugget reveal

We are absolutely thrilled to say that nugget is a....

(This is how we told our family, exciting things/news came in the mail!)

So, here we are 19 weeks and counting with this little cantaloupe! It doesn't quite feel that big, but I'm trusting in "what to expect, when your expecting". I need to start thinking nursery, hiring a doula, and maybe purchasing some maternity clothes at some point! We're getting it together, at least we need to! Aaron and I are both thrilled, and kind of feel like we have no idea what we're doing, but that's ok! We are stilled amazed at how the Lord has blessed us with this baby, and each moment and day is already filling us with so much joy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

geekly geared out

Running has changed quite a bit these days; especially my long runs. I went from running with just this:
 Shoes & Garmin
To this:
HR Monitor (I actually have to try to not get too high now.)
Shoes & Garmin
Running belt to hold phone... aka modern day fanny pack, at least it lays flat against my back.
Phone & iPod
Water bottle, can't depend on just water stops any more!
And just in case I get hungry!

It's like I'm training for a marathon again; when all I want to do is a long run. Oh well, better safe than sorry. I just feel a little geeky all geared out, but I'm telling myself that I'm just smart. Riiiiight?!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a sweet southern wedding

I really don’t know how good I’m going to be at the whole weekly pic thing, but we’ve done 3 so far, so I have to give it up to Aaron for reminding me…and me getting over solo shots. This past weekend we were in Greensboro, GA for Britney and James’ wedding. Everything about it was beautiful. It was soooo (had to emphasize) great to get to spend time with friends from Georgia.  Here’s a little peak to our weekend, and a snapshot of the sweet potato sized nugget at 17.5 weeks.

Most beautiful bride... Brittany Pinckard Harvey