Sunday, November 15, 2009


This truly was a great weekend with friends. We went to the old stomping grounds of Oxford to see them take on the Vols. It was funny for me to think about how this weekend we were going to be able to see friends from Middle School, High School, College, and Now all wrapped in one weekend. It is so great to have such special friendships with people for that long, and then be able to see some of them in such a short weekend. We may all live in different directions, but we were still able to make it back to Oxford. Thanks to our fabulous host/hostess, the Carter's, we had a great time. Luckily, we had great friends to share the drive and the whole experience with. We may have looked like the divided family when we got out of the car, but we truly had a great time. (Thanks Steve & Angie for coming with us for the weekend!)

Jilly and I were ready!

Angie and I!

Steve & was 42 to 17... Steve was a little bummed.

Jillian, Me, & Linnae

Dudley & Aaron

JillianLinnae, Me, Lindsey, Mary Margaret


  1. Loved every second of it (well, coulda skipped the last 3 quarters of the game) - but we had a blast! As Steve said, "You're good people" =)

  2. What a blast. Y'all come back, we didn't even get to play guitar. Angie and Steve, I'm actually a normal guy...usually not that dramatic. I don't look dehydrated in that picture do I?